Broker Courses

You need two courses to get an Illinois Real Estate license.

Broker Courses  – Both courses are required courses
Mandatory Course
– 60 hours – Broker Pre-License Topics
Mandatory Course – 15 hours – Broker Pre-License Applied Real Estate Principles

Broker Pre-License Topics This course contains the material that you will need to pass the State Broker Exam and  get a real estate license. The course consists of instruction in career opportunities, home ownership, property ownership and types of property interests. Also covered are encumbrances, government restrictions, appurtenances. Easements, deeds, and property transfers are studied. The course continues with  land use controls, brokerage and agency, fair housing. You will continue on with contracts, real estate law, finance and closing real estate transactions. The professional code of ethics, appraisal, leases, real estate taxation, federal taxation of real estate is introduced. Property management, insurance, advertising, and Illinois real estate license laws. You may complete this course either classroom or home study.
Broker Pre-License Applied Real Estate Principles  centers on some of the information and methodology you will need to get a quick start in the business. Discussions and demonstrations of listing and contract presentations and dealing with buyers as clients and sellers as clients. Writing offers, negotiating offers, handling of earnest money and completing market analysis to get an accurately priced listing will be presented. This course is intended to give you a fast start in the real estate business so as to provide you with tools to keep you in the business. Illinois law requires you to take this course in the classroom.

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