Prior Approval


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Certain categories of test candidates must apply for permission to take the exam. The following paragraphs explain the process these candidates must go through. After submitting the required documentation, they will receive by mail a certificate of eligibility to take the exam.

If you are applying for the exam under the “Illinois attorney qualification” you must mail the registration form found in the Candidate Handbook (click here for the registration form), a photocopy of their attorney registration pocket card certificate, a cashier’s check, money order or a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card number, a Consent to Examine and Audit Special Accounts to the address below. DO NOT MAIL YOUR DOCUMENTS TO THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL AND PROFESSIONALS REGULATION. Mail them to the address listed below.

PO Box 8496
Springfield, IL 62791-8557

Within 10 business days of mailing your materials, you will receive a Certificate of Examination Eligibility. You must test prior to the expiration date on your certificate.